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Under-Step Outdoor LED Lighting

6,000 RGB LED Pixels in Steps, New York 2016

This project began in the fall of 2015 with our customer asking "how can we put some LEDs in our steps." We worked very closely with the AV contractor who also did the installation and Crestron user interface programming. As we went through the process of mock ups and system design, the project evolved from just the narrow steps to the entire wrap around deck. We finished the project in the fall of 2016 with it being many times larger and more complex. In the beginning, we thought this project would be individually controlled steps with standard RGB tape light. In the end, it became over 6,000 two inch RGB pixels (1,000 feet) of RGB LED tape light. The LED is installed under the steps in the wrap around deck. Each step projects light onto the step below.

Technical Information

Light Fixture: Medland and Associates  IP6712V DreamColor RGB LED Pixel tape.

Pixel Control System: Enttec Pixelator.

Lighting Control System: Madrix

User Interface: Crestron control on iPhone (Integrated by AV contractor)

Pixels: 6,000

Lighting Universes: 65 via ArtNet

Many of the shows that were programmed are music reactive. KrohTech specializes in integrating light with music.

KrohTech is an Enttec & Madrix dealer. KrohTech also assists our customers with LED system design consulting and LED control system design. We offer programming services in all major architectural LED lighting control systems. Please contact us for assistance with your LED projects.

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