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Eiffel Tower

Congratulations to Caesars Entertainment and Vision Sign on a spectacular project! KrohTech is very happy to have worked with an amazing team of professionals on the re-lighting of the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower. In late 2017, KrohTech was approached by Vision Sign, Inc. to assist with the technical integration of replacing conventional lighting fixtures with RGBW LED wash fixtures and adding the LED white pixel fixtures that allow for so much dynamic expression in the programming. We worked very closely with the design teams at Vision Sign, Traxon Technologies, and Brian Henry Design. KrohTech was responsible for control system design, assisting Vision Sign with the installation, creating the visualization model in Capture, and initial programming. After initial programming, Brian Henry Design took over the content programming; however, KrohTech still works very closely with both Caesars Entertainment and Brian Henry Design on the uploading and scheduling of all content on the project. KrohTech is happy to have debuted our AE1 Automation System for this project. The AE1 works hand in hand with the Traxon e:cue lighting control system, and is responsible for scheduling, monitoring, logging, and reporting any maintenance requirements that can be detected through the control system.

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