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Polar Camel Mock-ups

32 oz Water Bottle

After recently opening our laser business, we realized that we needed a good mock-up for the Polar Camel water bottle. With permission directly from Polar Camel, we have created this very detailed and very realistic mock-up, and have had great success with it.  

The mock-up features six different background images, up to three water bottles, and all powder coat colors. There is also a place for you to add your own background, if you desire to do so. This is in Photoshop .psd format and is highly adaptable to your needs. 

The file can be downloaded for free, however, if you want to help contribute to future mock-ups in the polar camel line, please consider one of the three options below. If enough people contribute, we will not only continue with other Polar Camel and JDS products, but we will also create how-to videos for using the mock-ups and advanced features.  

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