Our commissioning department works very closely with the manufacturers that we support. We are continuously upgrading our knowledge of new products as they are released. We also maintain a large supply of equipment in our lab. This equipment allows our technicians the ability to work hands on with the same components they are commissioning in the field, this allows us to try and test new methods and new software versions as they are developed. Our techs are registered beta testers with many of our manufacturers. These close relationships mean that we are often helping to develop new software, hardware, and techniques to make it easier, faster, and better to achieve the end user's design intent. KrohTech also has an ongoing internal training program that goes far beyond the factory training required for commissioning agents. On average, our techs attend 120 hours of both classroom and lab training each year and are required to certify annually with each system that we support.

System Design & Consulting

We focus on helping our customers create control systems that are the best fit for their needs. We work closely with members of the design team to create a system that will perform well and stay within the design budget. We often see control systems that are over designed and cost many times the price of what is needed for the project. Our design team is skilled at assessing the project needs and asking the right questions that help us to tailor the design to the project. We take into consideration not only current needs but also future expansion. We are highly skilled at integrating products, so there are reduced points of controls. This allows our customers to increase functionality while having systems that are easier to learn and operate.

Complex control systems should not be complicated to control.

System Programming

We offer programming services in many areas of entertainment technology. Our team is always looking for new control solutions that help us to integrate many aspects of entertainment controls. We are passionate about creating highly choreographed experiences that engage audiences and allow our customers to achieve their goals. We pride ourselves in working very closely with our customers, directors, designers, composers, and other professionals to create experiences that leave long lasting memories with audiences across the country.

• Show control in Medialon

​• Lighting programming using e:cue, Pharos, Madrix and ELM

​• Sequencing with Ableton Live

​• Multi channel sound controls using SoundMan Server

​• Laser programming in Beyond

​• Multi-screen video mapping with Watchout

​• Sound processing using BSS audio DSP processors and controls

• Visualization in WYSIWYG & Capture 


Rubrik 2018 VM World tradeshow booth pixel-mapped LED feature

KrohTech is very proud to have assisted ASTOUND with the lighting for the RubriK 2018 VM World booth. We congratulate Rubrik on winning the Best of Show, Gold Award.


Project: Pixel Mapped LED tape light ceiling and wall

Application: Trade show Exhibit

Show: VM World 2018 Las Vegas
Date: July 2018
Customer: Astound
Product: 2" pixel tape
Control: Madrix



The KrohTech team is passionate about lighting controls and other entertainment controls technology. Kurt Kroh has been working in entertainment and themed construction for over 30 years. In 2014, Kurt and his wife Kristin decided to start a company built around very high standards and KrohTech has been booming ever since. We are involved in many aspects of architectural and entertainment technology, including control system design, LED consulting, integration, commissioning, and programming. We specialize in choreographed shows to music, and lighting that is synchronized to music. Recently, KrohTech has been expanding and focusing our growth in our commissioning department. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in entertainment and architainment technology.



We are well known for lighting and lighting controls; however, many people don't know that we got our start in sound. Kurt Kroh got his start in the early 1980's as a young apprentice in a professional live sound and recording business. While learning to run a sound board, he also learned about connecting multiple synthesizers with MIDI. He discovered synchronizing sound equipment with video using SMPTE time code. That was the spark that started a lifetime obsession with how different disciplines of entertainment technologies can work together. Kurt has spent his entire adult life learning, experimenting, tinkering, and sometimes even pulling out his hair working with many of these technologies. Kurt has inspired our entire team to maintain that spirit, to try new things, and challenge old methods. Although we still do most of our work in lighting, we are also very highly skilled in show control, sound, multi-screen video, water controls, MIDI sequencing, lasers, fire projectors, and many more aspects of entertainment technology control systems.



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